March 23, 2016

#PORTRAIT - Cuteness Overload

Last week I went to young couples house to take pictures of their newborn daughter. She is just short of 4 weeks old and let me tell you: she is sweet like a strawberry!
I have to admit, that I only like little babies when they're sleeping or happy. I am not a fan of the screaming litte demons that never calm down. This little lady certainly combined the best of both worlds. First, we couldn't even get her to calm down and like five seconds later she was so chilled we could put her in every possible situation and she just kept sleeping on.

I like this picture a lot. It really shows how small we all were, when we were born. Our head fit into our fathers hands and we were just discovering the world, learning how to see, learning how to feel and learning how to be. We all started somewhere and look at us now. All grown up and ready to see even more of this world. Don't ever forget where you came from and appreciate every moment, that this planet and this life gives you.

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