January 23, 2016

#ONLINE - you can find me on...

Here I am once again. I thought about my blog while I slept and I decided to write down a new post for you to get to know me better. I created a new page where I wrote down a little something for you to read. But sometimes words aren't enough to really get to know the person behind the blog or in my case, behind the camera. I don't know if you already realized it but I am a little in love with the hashtag (#) symbol. That is something I would like to establish on this blog. I am gonna be putting a hashtag in the title with the word that will describe the post best. Let's take the #LIFE title for example. By putting it in the title I'm making it clear for everybody that this post is gonna contain stuff or story out of my life. The #THOUGHTS will show you, that I'll be posting something that I am currently thinking about and want to share with you. It's pretty easy. But getting back to this days hashtag.
If you want to know more about me and see more of my pictures you can find me and follow me on the following social media platforms by clicking on the small pictures:


Instagram is proably my most favorite medium to share my pictures. I am using it also for my private life, where I am regulary posting pictures or telling stories of things that no one wants to know. I created my profile for photography just a couple of hours ago because, let's be serious: every photographer likes to share his/her pictures. So if you are looking for me and my pictures you can find me under the name: alinadejaphotography


Who doesn't have Facebook? This was my first social media medium where I posted my work for all my friends and family to see. I didn't really have a huge audience (I still don't by the way) but it was fun and it really evolved throughout the last two years. I got a couple more followers and was able to cooperate with a few cool people. If you ever want to get started and get your pictures out there? Use Facebook! I run my page in german by the way and I am also gonna be posting stuff like news regarding some of my projects or updates. I show you a little from everything - take a look.


And as simple as it gets, I have a website for my photography as well. This is mainly for people who like to contact me via mail or phone. There is not much going on because I am just presenting my work for everyone else who doesn't have Facebook or Instagram. I think this is really important nowadays because many people avoid social media completely. So a website is a serious and important medium when you are a photographer. 

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