January 30, 2016

#LIFE - I am a travel agent, for real now

To be honest, I probably should've posted this on Thursday. Why? Because on Thursday I officially finsished my apprenticeship!
Yay, I am so happy it's unbelievable. This was the last wall I had to climb and I did it. You can call me a real travel agent now. It's official, it's on the paper and it's undeniable. I seriously had my doubts these last two and a half years but now there is such a huuuuuuge weight that's been lifted off my shoulders, I feel like I could fly. Ha, you get it? Fly like a plane. Because I am a travel agent who sents people through the world in planes. Explaining my own joke maybe isn't such a great idea but anyways, I am really relieved that everything is over now.

It's a very great thing that the firm - where I am currently working - was willing to offer me a job  after I finished my apprenticeship. Everything is just working out perfectly. I really like my job and everything that comes with it. My colleagues, the annoying clients, the friendly clients, the fun lunch breaks with my friends - just everything!
I will not be working there forever because I have so many other plans for my future which I am currently working on. But for the time being, I am perfectly happy with where I am. Sometimes working really hard for something you want, pays off real good.

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