January 22, 2016


Dear reader,

you may know me, or you don't. But that doesn't matter. This is my new place to share my thoughts and wishes, to tell my stories and show you my work.
I want to give you an insight into my life.
My name is Alina and I am a part-time photographer. You wonder what that means? It means I am kinda like batman. On the weekdays I work as a business travel agent which basically means I sit in a sticky office answering the phone all day long and trying to get every business employee around the world and back without incident. Sounds easy? Believe me, it's not. At least not every day. But on the weekend I turn into this creative, active and very happy person. That's because I can take my camera in my hands and capture the beautiful moments between a loving couple, the laugh of a person or the first smile of a newborn child. I feel blessed to be where I am.
I also love to write. I am german but the englisch language feels and sounds more beautiful to me which is the reason I am writing in englisch.

Why am I opening this blog? Because I want to write down the things that come to my mind on a daily basis. I was never the diary kind of person so this is why I decided on the more technical way. I spent so much time on my laptop - either editing pictures or working on upcoming projects.
So why not write all this down when I have the time to do so?

I will not be posting daily or sometimes not even weekly. I am working so much (yes, I love it) and I can not always find the time to write down my thoughts.

This blog is also a little insight into my life for all the other young photographers out there trying to juggle the real job and the hobby at the same time. We have a difficult life sometimes so I am trying to show you how I manage my time and organize my life.

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